Elena Santos

Elena Santos is a main character in the Freeform drama, The Watchful Eye. A young woman with a complicated past, maneuvering her way into working as a live-in nanny for an affluent family in Manhattan.

Elena quickly realises that everything at the Greybourne is not as it seems, and all of the inhabitants have deadly secrets. Unbeknownst to them, however, Elena is harbouring some secrets of her own.

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Early History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about Elena's current history, other than the fact that she relates to Jasper Ward due to having lost her mother young too.[1] Before arriving at the Greybourne, she previously applied and got accepted to study at Boston College, although the subject she was to major in is currently unknown. In a conversation with Matthew, she cited that she was accepted to Boston but did not attend for unknow reasons.

Arriving at the Greybourne[edit | edit source]

Elena arrives at the Greybourne six months after the death of Matthew's wife and Jasper's mother, who fell from her room at the Greybourne. She is quickly identified as a successful candidate and hits it off with Jasper after being offered the position. Tensions, however, arise between Elena and Tory, Jasper's aunt, who doesn't think that Elena is a suitable candidate due to her lack of previous experience.

Tensions also arise between Elena and long-life resident of the Greybourne, Mrs. Ivey. Mrs. Ivey's keen eye is quick to notice that something is different about Elena and that everything may not be as it seems on her agenda. In return for keeping her suspicions secret, Mrs. Ivey asks for Elena to be her eyes and ears in the Greybourne, and to keep an eye on Matthew in particular as she believes that he could've been responsible—either mentally or physically—for the death of his wife. Elena agrees to this in return for keeping Mrs. Ivey quiet.

It quickly becomes clear, however, that Elena's reasoning for being at the Greybourne is something entirely unrelated to being Jasper's nanny. She and her boyfriend, Scott Macedo, are looking for a rare and valuable ruby, which they believe is either hidden at the Greybourne, or in possession of one of the residents. She works with Scott in an attempt to find the ruby whilst also posing as Jasper's nanny.

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