The Greybourne

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The Greybourne is a landmark apartment building located in Manhattan, New York. The Greybourne is filled with resident-politics, but there is something more to it than meets the eye; it is filled with a long history of secrets, mystery, and tragedy.

When Elena Santos arrives at the Greybourne, she talks with Mrs. Ivey, who asks her to be her eyes-and-ears of the place, relaying any behaviour that she finds out of the ordinary.

Description[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the Greybourne and its early history. Presumably, however, it is named after Alistair Greybourne, who was presumably the owner or the architect. Elena finds an old, dusty oil painting of a man named Alistair Greybourne when exploring the Greybourne in Hen in the Fox House.[1] It is known that Mrs. Ivey has been a resident at the Greybourne for all her life, living in the same apartment block and as a result, has gained rapport and respect among the residents of the building. Nonetheless, some dislike her, referring to her as the "resident dictator".[2]

Beneath the Greybourne, in the basement, there are a series of tunnels that run through the building, as evident from the blueprints stolen by Elena. One room in particular is decorated with sheek wallpaper and has a dining room table in the centre. Hung on the wall is a portrait of Alistair Greybourne, and below this is a safe, although the whereabouts of the key to the safe is currently unknown. It is presumed that the room has not been used in years given the level of dust and grime that has accumulated, but there were several wine glasses seen scattered about the room. Despite this, when Elena makes a second trip to the room, it appears that there are no cobwebs surrounding the keyhole to the safe, which could indicate that the safe had been previously opened or that the key had been inserted; the level of cobwebs on the front of the safe, however, would contradict this as opening the safe outwards—operating under the assumption that the safe opens outwards—would've disturbed the cobwebs on the front of the safe.[3]

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